WATCH: Another Vicious High School Football "Drill" Goes Viral

Don't know where this video came from, or this football drill, for that matter, but in this video posted by the Football is Life Twitter account, you see a high-school aged kid getting run over four times within a 15-second span by two different players at a time.

The person who filmed the video is yukking it up behind the camera, while coaches and players laugh at the unfortunate recipient of the violence. Seems like we've seen this before.

Of course, you'll have your keyboard warriors coming out and saying there's nothing wrong with the drill, it'll toughen him up, etc. And there will be others out there who are looking to press charges against those adults in charge, saying they should be nowhere near children for allowing this to happen in an educational environment.

It's certainly a microcosm of where we are as a society today; either you really enjoy this or are truly horrified. No middle ground.

Some former NFL players seem to be on the same side of the argument.

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