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Dwayne Haskins Family Says He Was Drugged Before He Died

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Below is the latest information from Sports Illustrated

PITTSBURGH -- The family and wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins have filed a civil lawsuit to find remaining questions they have about the tragic death of the 24-year-old. 

According to a press release by Haskins' attorney, The Ellsley Law Firm, there's a belief that Haskins was targeted as part of a "blackmail and robbery conspiracy" the night of his death, which could have involved the dump truck driver that hit him on the interstate in Florida. 

"Many questions remain as to why the truck driver did not avoid hitting Dwayne given the highly visible activity in the area before the impact and the fact that the other drivers did not hit Dwayne," the release reads. "The truck driver's cell phone records have not yet been disclosed. The report also notes that the driver refused to provide a blood sample to the police at the scene and still has not provided the alcohol results.

"As to what occurred in the hours before Dwayne was killed, many questions remain unanswered. It is believed that Dwayne was targeted and drugged as part of a blackmail and robbery conspiracy."

Haskins was killed after being struck by a truck while attempting to cross an interstate in Florida after spending the weekend training with his fellow Steelers teammates. According to the toxicology report, Haskins was under the influence of alcohol and had ketamine in his system at the time of his death. 

According to initial reports of the night before his death, Haskins was at a club in Florida when an altercation broke out between him and a man he claimed to know. Haskins then left the scene and later ended up on the interstate. 

The release asks for anyone with information to call or email the law firm. 

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