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The Pat & Aaron Show Injury Report: 1/26/23

This week's episode of The Pat & Aaron Show Injury Report was with this week's guest Dr. SEUNG JIN YI, brought to you by Florida Orthopedic Institute & Tampa General Hospital. The topics include Patrick Mahomes, Tony Pollard, Jalen Hurts, Shaq Barrett, and a discussion on common injuries.

Patrick Mahomes briefly exited the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a high ankle sprain before returning and playing the entire second half. 

  • How hampered could he be this weekend? 
  • Will he have time to recover if they win to go to the Super Bowl? 
  • Could he do more damage? 

Cowboys running back Tony Pollard underwent surgery on Tuesday for the high ankle sprain he suffered during Sunday’s divisional-round playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers. 

  • Because he got the surgery immediately, should he be on pace to recover 100% for next season’s start? 
  • What does recovery look like? 
  • How do they cast it after surgery? 

Are you surprised by Jalen Hurts dominant performance dealing with his shoulder injury? 

Shaq Barrett tore his Achilles early in the season for the Bucs and missed the season 

  • Can we expect him to be fully recovered by the start of next season? 

What’s the most challenging part of recovering from any surgery? 

              -How does rehab vary for different injuries? 

What’s the most common injury you personally saw in 2022? 

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