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The Pat & Aaron Show Injury Report: 12/22/22

The Pat & Aaron Show Orthopedic & Tampa General Hospital Injury Report was great today as Pat Donovan and Kasey Hudson spoke with Dr. Seth Gasser. The Topics include New York Jets Brandin Echols, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Donovan Smith, Atlanta Falcons running back Caley Huntley, and Cleveland Brown running back Nick Chubbs.

Jet's corner Brandin Echols is dealing with a quadricep injury. We don't talk a lot about Quad injuries. 

Is the quad a stronger and more durable muscle? 

How does recovery from a quad injury compare to a calf muscle or hamstring injury? 

How difficult is it for a football player to return from a quad injury given how important explosiveness is? 


Bucs tackle Donovan Smith is now dealing with a foot injury, but he's continued to look a little uncomfortable with his elbow since the hyperextension earlier this season. 

Is it common for a hyperextension to continue to linger for as long as it seems Donovan has? 

Is it because he's tried to play through it that he can't get passed it? 


The Atlanta Falcons placed running back Caleb Huntley on injured reserve with an Achiles injury. 

Is an Achiles injury this late in the season make a return next season very difficult? 

We hear that although rare these days Achiles tears can be career threatening. Are there any other injuries that are as dangerous for a professional athlete? 


Browns running back Nick Chubb missed practice with a foot injury, but the team expects him to play Saturday. 

How much harder is it to play through a foot injury at a position like running back that requires so much sudden movement and cutting? 

Is it more dangerous than playing through a foot injury at another position? 


What is the most common drunken holiday injury you see every year? 

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