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The Pat & Aaron Show Commercial Free: 11/22/22

The Pat & Aaron Show with Aaron Jacobson & Nick Wize start off the show by debating if Pat Donovan watched the World Cup or not. Then the discussion goes into how Aaron was disappointed in the game, and Nick Wize agrees. The guys transition to talk about flopping in soccer, Jay Recher being the biggest soccer fan, and if Zac Blobner will learn about soccer for "Jay & Z." Then Aaron Jacobson recaps the Tampa Bay Lightning's loss to the Boston Bruins.

Then the guys talk about the upcoming Tampa Bay and Cleveland Browns game this weekend. They first discuss how important it is for them to get the win this weekend, the upcoming schedule for the rest of the season, and they also discuss Kyler Murray's video game habits. Then Aaron & Jacob discuss the season so far for Luke Goedeke, and why he hasn't lived up to expectations. Then Aaron Jacobson brings up the game "Gravy or Stuffing" as Gravy is good and Stuffing is bad. The topics include the Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, TCU, and more.

The 7 AM hour begins with Aaron Jacobson recapping the Tampa Bay Lightning's loss to the Boston Bruins. He also talks about the Team USA draw to Wales in the World Cup, and the live games going on in the game. Then executive producer Ryan Hoppe plays the audio from "Let's Go" with Tom Brady and Jim Gray as Charles Barkley is the guest. Trust us, this is some good audio! Then Aaron Jacobson & Nick Wize break down the bizarre tweets from Lane Kiffin, some that use a lot of emoji's!

Then the guys discuss the rumors that Deion Sanders is being contacted by USF about the head coach opening. They take calls from listeners who both agree and disagree with it. Then the hour ends without the latest episode of "Situation Men" on "The Pat & Aaron Show."

Then in the 8:00 AM hour: the one and only Jay Recher from "The Jay & Z Show" calls in to break down the World Cup. He first begins by talking about the huge upset of the day, and how it just changed the whole identity of the World Cup. Then he explains why all the teams have to keep the games close. He then explains what Wales did to bring the draw against Team USA in the World Cup. That and more! Make sure you listen to "Jay & Z" every day from 12:00-3:00 PM on 95.3 WDAE.

Check it out as the one and only Super Bowl Champion known as Michael Clayton called into "The Pat & Aaron Show." Michael Clayton explains why Rachaad White should be the #1 running back, and how he improves the offense immediately. Then he explains why Leonard Fournette won't be happy about being the back up, especially since he has a past of it. He also explains how the whole team has respect for Leonard Fournette, since he has been someone who has helped this team over the years. Michael Clayton then explains why people might be getting sick of Jameis Winston. That and more in this week's segemnt. Then the show ends with "The Blender" as executive producer Ryan Hoppe plays audio from the day in sports.

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