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The Pat & Aaron Show Commercial Free: 11/16/22

The Pat & Aaron Show begins by breaking down the Tampa Bay Lightning win over the Dallas Stars. Aaron Jacobson give his honest opinion about Mikhail Sergachev and his inconsistency. Then Pat & Aaron explain how the Lightning were sloppy in the game, despite winning. Then the show breaks down all the moves from the Tampa Bay Rays, including the Tampa Bay Rays have traded infielder Miles Mastrobuoni to the Chicago Cubs for minor league pitcher Alfredo Zarraga.

Then the guys read off Tom Brady's text message to Antonio Brown where he allegedly gives him some harsh advice. Pat & Aaron explain why AB is mentally ill, why his social media is incredibly toxic, and the sad part that he threw away his potential. Then the guys talk about how they're hungry in the morning, and wondering what they need to do to change that each day. Than they transition into breaking down Cooper Kupp's injury, and how it's going to hurt Aaron's fantasy football team.

The 7 AM hour of The Pat & Aaron Show begins with breaking down the Tampa Bay Lightning win over the Dallas Stars. They also joke around and explain why the late night games mess with their sleep schedule. Then Aaron Jacobson talks about Buck Showalter and Terry Francona winning Manager Of The Year.

The one and only Greg Wyshynski from Yahoo! Sports’ ice hockey blog Puck Daddy called into The Pat & Aaron Show. Greg first begins by explaining how it's a vibe when it comes to his energy when he appears on "The Pat & Aaron Show" now that they are in the mornings. He then goes on to explain how inspirational Steven Stamkos is, and what he has meant for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Then he breaks down the season so far for Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils, and the good and bad for them. He also thinks the Calgary Flames, Pittsburgh Penguins, and a few other teams are letting down the league.

Then the hour ends with Over/Under as Executive producer Ryan Hoppe gets to know Pat & Aaron More.

Then the 8 AM hour begins with the first check in with "Super Dave" since The Pat & Aaron Show went to mornings. Then they take calls from the listeners about the Tampa Bay Rays latest moves, the potential of Rob Gronkowski returning, and the problems with the Buccaneers offense.

The one and only JC Allen from the Pewter Report calls into The Pat & Aaron Show for his weekly segment. The guys first bring up the conspiracy theories the Bucs fans are coming up with, and JC gives his take on it. He then explains why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to play their best football after the bye week, and why they will need to fight some adversity along the way. JC Allen also explains why there is a chance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could go to the Super Bowl. He also explains why the first down runs have not been good at all, and that they need to improve. That and more in this week's segment!

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