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Colin Cowherd: 'Dumpster Fire' Steelers Need to Fire OC Matt Canada ASAP

Colin Cowherd: “It would be one thing if the Steelers had issues, if it was a ‘mystery’, layered, we’re trying to ‘figure out’ who done it and how to solve it... But it’s not, there’s one suspect. There’s a dumpster fire and he’s holding a match and a can of gasoline—it's Matt Canada, get rid of him. The receivers, the running backs, the tight ends; really, really good players. The defense is fantastic. The GM, the culture, Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season. Yet the offensive line growth has been stymied for four years, Kenny Pickett appears to have regressed, the running game is more often inept than dynamic. It’s not a ‘WHO DONE IT?’, it’s a ‘HE DONE IT.’ Matt Canada screwed the offense up, move on. Stop rounding up the suspects, make an arrest. Everybody in the room knows who it is. Kenny Pickett has regressed. Brock Purdy hasn’t and he was a 7th rounder. CJ Stroud got better in two games, and Anthony Richardson has got a little juice. Even Bryce Young with no weapons looked OK the other night. Kenny Pickett has gone backwards. Here is the Steelers offense under Matt Canada: 26th [PPG], 26th [Yards], 31st [Yards/Per Play], 29th [Big Plays], and 31st [Offensive TDs]. They have an excellent young tight end, two very capable running backs. Probably need an offensive line upgrade, but the quarterback was a first rounder and showed very promising moments last year as a rookie. They have one of the great young receivers. We know what the issue is... The Steelers fans, nice people, are chanting to fire a guy and we all know who the guy is. We don’t need to round up more suspects, we know who it is.” (Full segment above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd call out Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada for being the main culprit behind an anemic Steelers offense that is last in the AFC in scoring, saying the Steelers need to move off Canada ASAP before another promising roster is wasted on sketchy offensive play-calling.

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