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Colin Cowherd on Lamar Jackson Trade Request News: 'They Won Before You'

Colin Cowherd: “The question immediately is ‘what’s the market’? Baltimore is looking at it very simply— ‘we like you a lot but we won before you.’ In the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning eras in the AFC, Baltimore was 15-8 with two Super Bowls, Flacco and Dilfer. They’re like ‘we love ya, but we won two Super Bowls with those guys' in the Brady and Peyton Manning era. Lamar is 1-3 in the playoffs, and since 2018 no other quarterback in the playoffs has a worse passer rating or worse completion percentage, and now he’s noisy, and now he’s hurt. I’m not saying Lamar is unrealistic, he’s a dynamic player that wins 75% of his games. I think Atlanta, the Colts, Washington, New England, Tennessee; if the Aaron Rodgers thing falls apart with the Jets you gotta look. Atlanta has cap space, an offensive coach, weak conference and division, and their star tight end and star receiver they don’t have to pay for three years. Lamar Jackson and Atlanta feels like a home run, but he’s got the injuries, he’s unorthodox, there’s the money if he wants a full guaranteed contract. Folks, there’s just not much of a market for him, there’s not. ‘WELL, WELL, DESHAUN WATSON!’ I know, and Kirk Cousins got a guaranteed deal, it didn’t mean the Patriots and the Packers had to copy him. Yes, Deshaun Watson was overpaid and fully guaranteed. The Ravens are like ‘why would we follow the Browns? They’re a tire fire and we’re the Ravens.’ We’re 15-8, two Super Bowls in the Brady and Manning era. Baltimore looks at it and thinks ‘we’d love to sign ya, but we’re not going fully guaranteed.’ The question is, is this recent drama for Lamar just temporary or is this who he is? Because if it’s who he is, I can see the market shrinking even more. The lack of playoff success, the demands for a guaranteed contract, the market is shrinking.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Monday’s news of Lamar Jackson shockingly breaking his trade demands on Twitter, as Colin says he can’t help but think the Ravens are going to be granting his wish of being exiled.

Check out the segment above as Colin floats the most likely destinations should the Ravens pull the trigger on the former MVP.

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