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Colin Cowherd on 4-7 Packers: 'It's Time to Bench Aaron Rodgers'

Colin Cowherd: “There are teams that struggle but I see light at the end of the tunnel for them. When the Bengals struggled at the beginning of the year I said ‘hold on, Burrow is going to get healthy.’ When the Vikings struggled last year I said ‘they’re going to get an offensive coach.’ When Miami pivoted to Mike McDaniel, I said Tua is going to have a good year. With the Packers, I don’t see a ton of light at the end of the tunnel. The division is getting much better. Minnesota and Chicago are better teams today than yesterday, better teams today than last year, and they both have what appears to be an excellent young coach. Aaron Rodgers’ cap hit is incredibly punitive, and it limits the flexibility of the franchise going forward. Green Bay is still obviously not a hot free agent market, a lot of dudes don’t want to play there. Frankly, Matt LaFleur is an average head coach, and I’ve been saying it for years. Aaron is talented by he’s 38, about to be 39, he’s quirkier than he’s ever been, less committed in the offseason than he’s ever been, and he’s more expensive than he’s ever been. What Green Bay needed this year with all those young receivers was Aaron Rodgers’ MVP level, and he has just been OK. Aaron Rodgers is just not as committed in the offseason, and not as committed when it comes to his long-range plans. Everything with him is vague, you don’t get concrete answers. ‘Are you playing next year?’ ‘What are you doing in the summer?’ ‘Can we trust you to work with the cap and your contract?’ The reaction is always ‘ehhh, I don’t know, maybe, psychedelic tea anyone??’ You gotta give people answers, it’s why Davante Adams left, he didn’t know what Aaron’s plans were. There is a real argument to be made that it’s time to bench Aaron. Keep him healthy, his thumb has been bothering him all year, let’s figure out if Jordan Love can play, if Jordan Love can’t and you lose games, what do you care? You’re not winning the division. You get a better draft pick. Green Bay needs an infusion of talent and cheap talent because Aaron is probably not going to be taking a pay cut. They also need from Aaron a commitment. How long are you playing? Can we work with your contract? Do we have to bring Randall Cobb back because you like him? You gotta give people answers or you leave them guessing like Davante Adams who left, and now you don’t have a number one receiver.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Green Bay needs to consider benching Aaron Rodgers for the duration of the season, as the 4-7 Packers now sit 5 games back of the Vikings in the NFC North, and are chasing the Cardinals (4-6), Falcons (4-6), Commanders (5-5), 49ers (5-4), Cowboys (6-3), and Giants (7-2) for the last two Wild Card spots.

Check out the segment above as Colin says it’s time the Packers find out what they have with Jordan Love, adding that worst-case scenario is that he isn’t good and you cut him, and best-case scenario is that he plays well and then you can ship him off for picks.

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