Colin Cowherd: Chargers Need to Get Rid of Philip Rivers After This Season

Colin Cowherd: “I like Philip Rivers a lot but that two-minute drill last night was a tipping point and an epiphany. He’s the NFL’s least athletic quarterback and the league is changing. Rivers doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles and it’s time for the Chargers to get another quarterback. As offensive lines deteriorate because of the new collective bargaining agreement, having an unathletic and old quarterback whose had an ACL doesn’t work unless you have a superstar offensive line, and they have too many players to be spending a fortune up front. The Chargers can’t sell tickets in LA. they need JUICE. They’re 4-6 and will probably get a top 12 or top 14 Draft pick. They’ve got two good corners, two good pass rushers, two good backs, and have got real players there. This has got a lot of Eli Manning to it, where you’ve got the oldest, slowest, and most unathletic guy in the league, and your offensive line isn’t great.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Los Angeles Chargers need to move on from longtime NFL veteran quarterback Philip Rivers, just a night removed from their ugly 26-24 loss to the Raiders that might have been a deathblow to their playoff chances.

Rivers notched an eyesore QBR score of 29.6, was sacked five times, and three threw interceptions, including a pathetic game-clinching pick in the midst of a laughably bad two-minute drive in the game’s dying minutes.

Despite Rivers leading the NFL in passing yards with an empty 2,816, Colin believes it’s time the Chargers draft another franchise quarterback 15 years after the Giants and Chargers made the memorable Rivers/Eli Manning trade when Eli refused to play in San Diego.

Check out the video above as Colin details why a new-age NFL that is cruel to unathletic quarterbacks, coupled with an entirely disillusioned Chargers fan base is the reason they have to move on from the 37-year-old who has never won a conference championship.