Chris Broussard: Lakers Should Look At Acquiring Jimmy Butler

While the Lakers and Pelicans remain silent as we head toward the trade deadline, 76ers made a big move to acquire Tobias Harris. With the reputation that Jimmy Butler carries, Chris Broussard explains how the Sixers' recent acquisition should allow them to part ways with Butler since Harris will help the team with a role they were missing. Broussard then explains to Colin Cowherd how Butler would make a great fit for the Lakers:

Jimmy Butler is a guy that the Lakers should look at. Philly getting Tobias gives them insurance that if they don't want Jimmy Butler, they can still have a big three. Tobias is a better fit. Butler is the better player but Tobias is a better shooter, and he will spread the floor better with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. No Drama. And Jimmy's not gonna have the market he thinks he is...if he goes to the Lakers, he will defer to LeBron James...and I think it could work.

Listen to more of Broussard's explanation on why the Lakers could work with Jimmy Butler.

Lakers Should Look At Acquiring Jimmy Butler

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