Patrick Mahomes Needs To Hit Reset On His Playing Style

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: "Three weeks ago, he's a first ballot Hall of Famer, everybody would want him, you start your team with him, and now? I don't know, is he the second best, third best quarterback in the AFC West? Would you take Justin Herbert, would you take Derek Carr? These are the things being said about Patrick Mahomes...Mahomes, I think, needs to almost hit the reset button of 'What is it that we can take from a defense?' Used to be, Kansas City dictated, 'Hey we do what we want to do.' Now it almost feels like you have to take what they're giving you.

On today's edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Dan Patrick examined the situation unfolding in Kansas City with the Chiefs, after the Titans blew them out and Patrick Mahomes struggled to get much of anything going. Listen to what Dan thinks Mahomes and the Chiefs may have to do in order to get themselves back on track!

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