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Fan In The Arena: NFL Offseason Rumor-Rollercoaster Isn't Real Bucs Ride

When it comes to literature, most people enjoy reading fiction because it provides an escape from reality, and when it comes to the NFL offseason, fans enjoy the rumor mill because it does the same thing... allowing them to fantasize about their team winning the next Super Bowl. I doubt even the most creative Bucs fan 2 years ago could have dreamed about Tom Brady coming to Tampa Bay, bringing Gronk with him, & hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Year 1 with his new team. 

So, to be fair, miracles have happened... and recently too. 

On top of that, we have already seen some gigantic movement in the League the past few months, such as Russell Wilson leaving Seattle to take over the Broncos, Tyreek Hill sent out of Kansas City to Miami, & the Packers shipping Davante Adams to Las Vegas. 

It makes you think, “Hey, MAYBE anything is possible.” 

To an extent, that might be true, but I am over the Tom Brady-Dolphins storyline, and most Bucs/Fins fans are too. I understand having the G.O.A.T in town means that these types of stories will continue to be written regardless of if they are true or not. It is the nature of the beast. I understand most people in New England cannot accept life without TB12, despite having a young QB in Mac Jones and making the Playoffs last season. I understand the idea of Tom Brady going to Miami, or San Francisco, or anywhere else would be a massive jolt to the football news cycle.

More than any of that though, I understand Week 1 of the NFL Season Tom Brady will be in a Buccaneers uniform and chasing his 2nd Championship with Tampa Bay and his 8th ring overall. THAT should be all that matters in this town at the end of the day, at least right now.

It is easy to get caught up in Twitter debates about a reported rift between Brady & now former Head Coach Bruce Arians, or if Brian Flores sued Miami to keep Brady from buying stake in the Dolphins, or whatever new TMZ video is out there with Antonio Brown making crazy claims.  

Again though, the bottom line, the Bucs have Tom, and will be led by the best football player that ever lived again this Fall. 

Fans can continue to believe in any article they want and think about what may have happened in the past behind the scenes, or what is in the future next for Brady beyond 2022. There is no more debate on what is currently happening.  

Let my words be a reminder to Tampa Bay, to enjoy the moments left with mega star Tom Brady. If the past few months have shown us nothing else, locally, it is how lucky we are to have Brady here and how ugly it gets when he is gone. The NFL offseason rumors-rollercoaster is not the real ride, watching the Bucs compete at Raymond James Stadium for another World Championship is, and the rest of the football world is jealous of that fact.

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