Covid-Concerns Could Push Super Bowl Out Of Tampa Bay, If Hot Bed Continues

NFL Insider Peter King has speculated Florida (Tampa Bay specifically) has about 8 weeks to get their act together in terms of Positive Covid-Tests & being considered a "hot bed" before the NFL will starts to consider moving the Super Bowl out of Raymond James Stadium this season...

VIA NBC Sports: 1. I think we’re probably eight weeks from any serious consideration about this next item. But the Super Bowl is 28 weeks away. That’s six months and a week till Super Bowl week. This is another what-if that you can be sure the league will be thinking about by, say, October if Florida continues to be on fire with the virus: moving the Super Bowl. The game is scheduled for Feb. 7 in Tampa. The league certainly would want the game to be played with at least some fans and with the sort of pageantry that accompanies the biggest sports event on the calendar. We’re at least two months from serious consideration about the site of the Super Bowl, but it’s something in a year with so much in flux that you have to understand it could be in play if, eight or nine weeks from now, Florida and Tampa-St. Petersburg in particular are hot spots.

Tampa Bay Times Bucs Reporter Rick Stroud joined Ronnie & TKras this morning to discuss Peter King's SB in TB comments, Bucs Rookie RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn testing positive for Coronavirus, & Brady arriving to Camp!


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