Former 1st Overall Pick Face-Off: Jameis Winston vs David Carr Twitter Beef

Twitter can be a dangerous place, random attacks happen out of nowhere constantly, like former Texans QB David Carr starting some beef w/ Jameis Winston about a video of the former Bucs QB's doing a "useless" workout...

VIA PFT: One is a former first overall pick whose career as a starter ended after five years. The other is a former first overall pick whose career as a starter may be ending after five years, but he’s trying his best to keep that from happening.

On Thursday, they engaged in a back-and-forth on Twitter.

It started when video of a workout regimen that consisted of free-agent quarterback Jameis Winston dodging an oversized speed bag, swung in his direction by a trainer. David Carr, who works as an analyst with the NFL, called Winston out for the exercise.

“Stop paying your friends to train you,” Carr said. “Get some help. I’ve been in a lot of collapsing pockets and never once did I have defenders just flying at my head.” Carr capped his message with a crying laughter emoji.

The former FSU QB eventually decided to respond, mostly by taking the high road...

Carr responded again, "You’ve come along way since 14 and so has training. You’ve also got a lot more resources at your disposal. God Speed on your next stop."

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