WATCH: Chiefs Celebrate TD Stone Cold Style w/ Beers From Fans in Game!

The Chiefs had plenty to celebrate yesterday in their giant comeback win over the Texans, but perhaps the height of the game came when KC Lineman Eric Fisher celebrated a TD by snagging two beers out of the stands and going full Stone Cold Steve Austin!

VIA USA Today: Stone Cold Steve Austin, meet Stone Cold Eric Fisher. 

The Kansas City Chiefs completely flipped the script on the Texans in Sunday's AFC Divisional Game, scoring 28 unanswered points in the first half after trailing 24-0 to start the game. That utter dominance from Kansas City continued into the second half with the Chiefs running away with the game.

And, well, Fisher was pumped.

After Blake Bell caught an eight-yard touchdown pass to put the Chiefs up, 48-31, in the fourth quarter, a wild celebration broke out near the seats behind the end zone. We could see as Fisher grabbed two beers from a fan and smashed the beers over his head.

He went all in on the Steve Austin impersonation.

Stone Cold even tweeted out the video with his signature theme music added in!

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