VIDEO: Flyers Fan Starts Fight w/ Lightning Fan In Philly After Bolts Win

Philly is known for having some of the worst fans, and after the Bolts beat the Flyers in the City of Brotherly Love... things got chaotic. One Flyers fan, Kyle, was fighting every Tampa Bay fan he could find, what a jerk of a person.

VIA Barstool Sports: It’s rare that there’s a human being that is so on brand, but when it happens it’s glorious. They say stereotypes exist because they are often times true. This Philly guy named Kyle is the epitome of a Philly Kyle. Fighting in the stands and then again in the bathroom. During a mid January Flyers-Lightning game. What on earth could you be fighting about at a Flyer Lightning game in January? That’s a question for Philly Kyle.

Get that guy a Monster. He deserves it.

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