VIDEO: Bucs' OJ Howard Makes BARE-HANDED Catch As Fan At Rays Playoff Game!

Bucs TE OJ Howard hasn't made a ton of catches so far this season on the football field BUT Tuesday night at The Trop he made an EPIC catch as a fan in the stands bare-handed on a pop up fly in the stands! Ahhh Tampa Bay Sports Synergy...

VIA CBS Sports: O.J. Howard may not have had the best weekend for the Buccaneers, but he had one heck of a Tuesday at the Rays' playoff game in St. Petersburg. 

The Bucs tight end had exactly as many catches as a spectator at Tuesday's ALDS Game 4 at Tropicana Field (one) as he did in the Buccaneers loss to the Saints on Sunday. His catch at the baseball game was far superior. 

During the eighth inning of the Rays-Astros game, a ball was smacked down the right field line and pulled foul into the crowd. A rather large gentleman in a field level box reached over to make a play on the foul ball and made a very impressive one-handed snag, one that got the crowd going pretty good. 

That gentleman happened to be Howard, and he was absolutely pumped to make the play and haul in the souvenir.

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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