VIDEO: 49ers Bosa MOCKS Mayfield After Sack, Remembers Bad Blood In College

Remember when Baker Mayfield planted a Sooners flag at Ohio State after a big win, as the Oklahoma QB? Former Buckeyes Star & current San Fran 49er Nick Bosa does! After a sack of Baker & en route to a dominating win over the Browns - Bosa MOCKED him and stuck his own flag down!

VIA Sporting News: Nick Bosa hasn't forgotten Baker Mayfield's celebration of Oklahoma's 2017 win over Ohio State.

After Mayfield's Sooners upset Bosa's Buckeyes a couple years ago in Ohio Stadium, Mayfield grabbed an Oklahoma flag, waved it and planted it in the O at midfield.​ Bosa and Mayfield's paths crossed again on Monday night, when the Mayfield-led Browns faced the 49ers, who drafted Bosa with the second overall pick in 2019.

Bosa kept pouring salt postgame...

SN: In 2017, Oklahoma forced Mayfield to apologize shortly after his celebration. In an interview with GQ earlier this year, though, he made clear that apology was entirely empty, perhaps stoking the flames in Bosa's eyes.

I begin to ask him how heartfelt that apology actually was, on a scale of 1 to 10, but I can barely get the question out before he answers. “Zero,” he says. He repeats himself forcefully, looking me right in the eye so that I don't miss the point. “Zero. Absolutely not.”

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