Mets Score 9 Runs w/ 11 hits, on 9/11 wearing Alonso's 9/11 Gifted Cleats

The Mets score 9 runs on 11 hits, during an emotional win on 9/11 in New York as we remember those who perished on that tragic day back in 2001 - slugger Pete Alonso gifted his teammates w/ special cleats, that honored the fallen prior to first pitch. What an emotional night...

According to reporter Tim Healey, Pete Alonso orchestrated the Mets’ wearing of commemorative 9/11-themed cleats tonight. He planned it for weeks, ordered & paid for everybody’s shoes and enlisted other clubhouse leaders (including Jacob deGrom) to get everyone on board - as can be seen below


Alonso talked about the plan and cleats post-game


If that gesture doesn't make your heart warm, how about the pregame tribute


And as far as the actual game.... the Mets won after scoring 9 runs on 11 hits. Wow!

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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