BRILLIANT! MLB MVP Trolls Tweeter During Game w/ Walk Up Music...

Christian Yelich is known for hitting dingers on the diamond, but his comeback at an angry Tweet could be considered a home run after he changed his walk up music to Troll the lady even more haha

VIA CBS: A common refrain is that the internet (specifically Twitter) is not real life. Yet sometimes the internet (specifically Twitter) bleeds into real life. Take what happened on Tuesday with Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and reigning National League MVP winner Christian Yelich

Yelich recently posed nude for ESPN the Magazine's "Body" issue -- a body-positive edition where athletes of various sports pose in the buff to showcase the spectrum of beauty and grace within the human species. We're not going to include the images here, but to be clear: They aren't indecent or raunchy or anything of that nature -- and even if they were, he's a 27-year-old consenting adult who can make his own decisions about those things.

Nevertheless, one fan named Roxane tweeted a proverbial "tisk tisk" at Yelich for betraying good taste and his assumed position as a role model for young fans. Roxane has since locked her account, but Yelich's response -- "Relax Roxane" -- lives on:


and BOOM, he changed his walk-up song to honor the Tweeter...


Never change Yelly haha

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