VIDEO: Dogs Fight Off Shark, Save Owner! YES, For Real!

"Man's Best Friend", right? You better believe it as this dog and his puppy pals save the life of their owner who gets attacked by a shark on the beach by chasing the shark away! Screw you JAWS!

VIA NBC Bay Area: Only when he got it into shallow water did White see what he had hooked: a 6-foot, sevengill shark. White went to remove the hook from the shark when it twisted, fell to the ground, and sank its teeth into White’s ankle.

“Immediately there was blood everywhere, the first bite punctured an artery,” he said. “The pressure was intense.”

As hard has White tried, he couldn’t get the shark to release. He yelled to some fisherman a few hundred yards away for help but before they could get to him someone else did: Darby.

After hearing White yell and struggle, the dog managed to open one of the car doors and race down a short hill to his owner.

Darby launched himself at the shark and bit into the shark’s gills, causing the shark to sink its teeth even deeper into White.

“And I told him, ‘No back off’ and then [Darby] repositioned and grabbed it by the tail,” said White . “He literally ran up the hill with it and pulled it off my leg.”

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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