Bucs' Sapp SLAMS McCoy's Time In Tampa Bay, And Gerald Responds!

Bucs Hall of Fame'r Warren Sapp has never been afraid to be speak his mind, but it still came as somewhat of a surprise when he slammed Gerald McCoy's time in Tampa Bay during an interview w/ Pewter Report. Do you agree w/ Sapp? Plus, Gerald's response..

VIA Pewter Report: On PewterReport.com’s Pewter Nation Podcast, the brutally honest Sapp had some harsh words for McCoy over his stance about the No. 93 jersey among other things. Sapp’s remarks on McCoy begin at 14:07. This edition of the Pewter Nation Podcast does contain some profanity.


McCoy's former Bucs teammates came to his defense


McCoy made some aggressive comments after the Bucs released him, to be fair, listen below


McCoy took the high road when he finally broke his silence on the subject...


The one thing we CAN NOT argue about, is Sapp's greatness on the field


hmmmmm, what do YOU think?


Scott Reynolds caught up with Ronnie & TKras to break the interview down...

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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