Simone Biles Lands HISTORIC Triple-Double, Wins Another Championship

USA Gymnast Simone Biles has been dominating the sport for years now, but bumped it up a notch for her Championship Winning Routine landing a Triple-Double you have to see to believe...

VIA Wall Street Journal: KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Simone Biles landed a record-busting triple-twisting double somersault on Sunday night to take a sixth national title that she could have won by mail. Next, she’s going to force women’s gymnastics to consider overhauling its rulebook.

Biles’s “triple double” on the floor exercise is a move so difficult that it strains at the letter boundaries of the sport’s code of points, which rates skills from A to I.

There’s no such thing as a J-rating. But it’s the position of the U.S. team, headed by national high-performance coordinator Tom Forster, that the triple double is a J skill.

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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