Antonio Brown's Kids Confused & Looking For Big Ben At Raiders Camp On HBO

Nothing like your kids asking about where your Ex is after a breakup at your new GF's house, right? That's basically what happened to Antonio Brown on the debut of HBO's Hard Knocks in Oakland yesterday...

VIA CBS Sports: "Where's Roethlisberger?" was the question one of Antonio Brown's children asked their father at the start of the new "Hard Knocks" season premiere. 

"Huh?" Brown replied, obviously surprised by his son's question. 

"Where's Roethlisberger?" Brown's son asked again. 

"He plays for the Steelers. Our quarterback's Derek now," Brown responded while flashing his trademark smile. "We don't play with Roethlisberger no more. We play with the Raiders. We play with Derek Carr. That's my quarterback." 

"He's over there," Brown said, pointing downfield. "No. 4. He's out there practicing."

Brown's breakup from Big Ben and the Steelers will apparently be among the main storylines during the first episode of this year's "Hard Knocks" series from Oakland. Brown, after nine mostly prolific seasons with the Steelers, left Pittsburgh on extremely sour terms during the offseason. One of the biggest reasons Brown wanted to leave was -- from his vantage point -- a diminished relationship between himself and Roethlisberger, who has thrown him each of his 74 career regular-season touchdown passes. 


Brown has only practiced once with Oakland at Training Camp because of his feet being shredded after he, "got frostbitten feet in a cryotherapy machine" according to PFT

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