Dad Goes WILD As Son Hits Homer Off deGrom During LIVE Interview

Having your son make it to the MLB is pretty cool. Having your son hit his 1st big league home run against Mets' pitcher Jacob deGrom while you're being interviewed by Fox Sports is event cooler. Check out this priceless reaction, as cameras caught it all!

VIA Sports Illustrated: Isan Diaz couldn't have asked for a more memorable Big League debut Monday. 

The Marlins rookie knocked a solo home run out of the park for his first hit, but the best part of it all was his dad's reaction. 

The family was being interviewed about the 23-year-old's debut while he was up to bat when Diaz connected off Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom in the sixth inning. The moment led to pure chaos in the family's section and made for interview gold.

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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