WATCH: MLB Crew vs. Crazy Wind, As Phillies Have To Help w/ Tarp

WATCH: It was WINDY AS HELL in Philly when the grounds crew tried to get the tarp down for a game later on, so the Phillies players combined their powers w/ the visiting Giants to help get it down... teamwork right?

VIA Deadspin: A few East-Coast ballparks have come up against their arch-nemesis this afternoon—falling water—as an onslaught of thunderstorms have conspired to threaten, at least, an ongoing game in the Bronx and an upcoming one in Philadelphia.

But at the Phillies’ ballpark, the high winds of an incoming storm were no match for the combined powers of the home team and tonight’s opponents, the San Francisco Giants. When the local Philadelphia grounds crew struggled to corral a rowdy tarp that blowing in the wind, it was players from both teams who came to the rescue—including Sam Dyson, minutes before he was traded to the Twins. Within a matter of seconds, they snuffed out the chaos, flattened the tarp, and guaranteed protection for the infield from the rain.


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Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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