WATCH: Pats Belichick Unknowingly Makes 69 Joke, GRONK Would Be Proud Of

VIDEO: Everyone knows former Patriots Star Rob Gronkowski is a HUGE fan of the number 69, well his former NE HC Bill Belichick accidentally made a 69 joke yesterday, and couldn't help but smile when he realized it! haha

VIA NESN: Bill Belichick might have cracked a ’69’ joke Tuesday afternoon, or he might not have. He probably didn’t. Either way, there was a show-stopping moment during the New England Patriots head coach’s press conference at Gillette Stadium.

While answering a question about 6-foot-9 offensive tackle Dan Skipper, Belichick cracked an impeccably timed smile. Reporter: “Offensive tackle (Skipper), how much does his … unusual length give him at the position?” Belichick: “Similar to (ex-Patriot Nate) Solder, both guys around 6-9 (insert laugh).” Check this out:


Gronk is practically in love with the number 69...

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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