Former NFL Star Debates Tomi Lahren Over Kaepernick & Protests, Slams Trump

WATCH: Former Texans RB Arian Foster sat down w/ Fox News Personality Tomi Lahren to debate several topics where President Trump and NFL protests have intersected the past few years... did the former Football Star's argument make sense?

VIA TMZ: Arian Foster says the NFL was "logically inconsistent" for outlawing Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest ... and he's ripping Donald Trump for labeling protesting NFL players as "sons of bitches."

The progressive ex-Houston Texans RB faced off with Fox Nation conservative Tomi Lahren -- where Foster tee'd off on the idea that the NFL should be able to ban players from making political statements.

"It's a logically inconsistent stance on their part," Foster said.

"If you wanna say don't make political statements on the field, then don't have the military fly over at the beginning [of games] or don't have a deal with the Dept. of Justice that has millions of dollars advertising the military. It's a logically inconsistent stance."

Foster continued ... "That's my issue with people who take issue with the protests because it's not logically consistent and the NFL in general, they're emotionally driven. They're reactionary and not proactive."

Foster then brought up Trump's 2017 comments when he said NFL owners should fire any "sons of bitches" who don't stand for the anthem ... saying the comments are "demonstrably divisive to a nation that is already racially infused."

"The President of the United States is calling an American citizen a son of a bitch for exercising his 1st Amendment right," Foster said ... "There's a citizen protesting how he sees fit to protest whatever issue he feels is important to him, very silently and very respectfully."

Lahren explained her side of the argument ... saying she believes the NFL has the right to discipline players who don't follow its rules.

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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