VIDEO: The UK's Next Prime Minister Playing Sports Is SUPER Awkward

WATCH: Pushing Politics to the side, Boris Johnson will be the UK's next Prime Minister and has been in front of the camera often throughout his career trying his hand at several sports... it's about as sloppy and funny as you'd expect lmao

VIA Deadspin: Boris Johnson, a disheveled, dishonest, discombobulated clod, will be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will do a bad job. He might be more capable as a sportsman, though that isn’t much consolation or compliment.

Here is Johnson in 2006, at a charity football match in Reading, England, using his signature blond mop as a battering ram to flatten the German footballer Maurizio Gaudino. Then a Conservative MP, Johnson spent the 4-2 loss “running around like a demented combine harvester,” per The Telegraph.


Some other highlights include tennis, rugby, and basketball! Check the footage out below in a few videos...

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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