VIDEO: Little Girl Told "Stick To Softball", Responds w/ Amazing Catches

WATCH: A 7 year old little girl was cut from her baseball team after being told to "stick to softball", before bouncing back with a new team making amazing catch after catch after catch! Full story w/ video here...

VIA Baseball For All: "Last year, Ashlynn, a 7-year old from Toronto, was awarded the MVP award from the opposing team during Regional Finals. “After the game,” said her dad, Dan, “[a parent on our team] told me that girls shouldn’t be playing baseball and that they should stick to softball. Then, at tryouts, the coach cut her from the team.”

Our response? Their loss.

In just 10 days, this 8-year old is headed to #BFANationals to join hundreds of girls from North America and abroad to do what they do best: play baseball.

“I don’t think it has ever occurred to Ashlynn that some people think that girls can’t do things that boys can do,” says Dan.

We’re right there with you, Ashlynn—and we’ve got your back 💪"


I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! You go girl!

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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