WATCH: Fan Arrested After Walking Up To Home Plate During At-Bat Nonchalant

VIDEO: Fan walks onto the field and up to home plate during an at bat super nonchalant trying to shake the hand of Phillies' slugger Brad Miller... it didn't go well, as Miller backed off and the man got arrested!

VIA Deadspin: A Pirates-Phillies game was interrupted on Sunday in the top of the sixth by one of the slowest idiots on the field. The guy apparently just walked onto the field and casually strolled up to the batter’s box as Philadelphia’s Brad Miller was getting ready to go up to bat. Miller started backing away from the dude as he got closer and closer.

The guy’s intentions did not appear nefarious, as all he seemed to want was a handshake and selfie with the Phillies player. Neither of those goals were accomplished, however, as officers arrested the man with the same speed he entered the field of play and took him away so that play could resume.


"Photographer Matt Sunday tweeted out a collection of four images that showed Miller actively backing away from the guy in question, and shared a rumor that the guy was originally looking for Bryce Harper."

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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