VIDEO: Yankees Sabathia Goes After Rays Garcia, Benches Clear

WATCH: CC Sabtahia once again started a huge conflict w/ the Rays, manufacturing a verbal war with TB slugger Avisail Garcia over literally nothing. The benches cleared and tempers flared... what did YOU think?

VIA Yahoo Sports: CC Sabathia and the Tampa Bay Rays are at it again.

The veteran New York Yankees left-hander found himself jawing with the second-place Rays during the middle of the sixth inning on Tuesday. Soon, benches cleared and we had another Yankees-Rays conflicts on our hands.

The cause of the initial argument was a rather generous strike call Sabathia received against Rays outfielder Avisail Garcia to end the top of the sixth. Garcia was visibly not pleased with the call, prompting a staredown from Sabathia as he walked toward the dugout.

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Here's the pitch that was called a strike and ended the inning by the way... clearly a Ball called a Strike


Both Garcia and Sabathia spoke to media after the game about the altercation, the Rays slugger was just as confused as the rest of us...


CC reminds me of Key & Peele and "You're Lucky He's Holding Me Back" Skit as if Didi Gregorius (who is half his size) could stop Pajama Pants if he wanted too...

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