WATCH: NEW Fan Trend In MLB Stands Replacing "The Wave"

VIDEO: The newest trend taking over MLB Stadiums started with Cubs fans in Chicago, move over "The Wave" and make room for "Cup Snakes" in the stands! Haha this is great and harmless fun!

VIA 12up: It seems as though the security at Wrigley Field doesn't stand for fun. One member of the security team rudely shut down the joy that was spreading among the Chicago Cubs fans in the bleachers when he snatched a moving stack of cups away from them known as "Cup Snakes."


The security guards aren't exactly on board with the Cup Snakes yet... but fans are optimistic


Barstool Sports has already jumped on making shirts for it, although rumors has it you can't get into Wrigley sporting the gear!?


Here's the origin of the trend before it hit baseball, a World Record version of it too!

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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