VIDEO: MLB Catcher Bloodied By Collision, Carted Off Field

WATCH: Astros Jake Marisnick DESTROYS Angels catcher Jon Lucroy in a bloody collision during extra innings on Sunday... Lucroy had to be carted off. Who is to blame? What should happen next?

VIA Yahoo Sports: Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy had to be carted off the field Sunday after a gruesome collision at home plate against the Houston Astros.

With the game tied at 10 in the eighth inning, pinch runner Jake Marisnick tried to catch up on a sacrifice fly by George Springer but ended up plowing into Lucroy.

The 33-year-old former All-Star was knocked to his back and struggled to get up for several seconds. Athletic trainers tended to him with a towel to stop his bloody nose, but he had to be taken off the field shortly thereafter.

The team later announced that he was taken to a hospital for a CT scan and will be evaluated for a possible concussion and broken nose.

Marisnick — who was sportsmanlike enough to check on Lucroy after tagging home plate — was called out for initiating the collision.

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Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, an extremely well respected player, took to Instagram to voice his frustrations and support Lucroy...

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