VIDEO: Panther QB Cam Newton REJECTED On Plane, After $1500 Offer For Seat

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton offers a man $1,500 to trade seats on a 10 hour flight, so that he can have more leg space... and get's TURNED DOWN!? Would you take the money? What did the man say to Cam?

VIA Yahoo: Look, if you’ve ever had to sit in coach for a flight longer than 90 minutes you’d find yourself wanting to do anything to get out of it. In that sense, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is just like the rest of us.

Unlike the rest of us, Newton has the means to pay his way out of that situation — or so he thought.

While flying back from Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, Newton discovered his seat was in a particularly awkward spot for a 6′5″, 245 lbs human being. So he did what any famous person would and attempted to buy a better seat from someone in first class. Unfortunately for Newton, some things — like extra legroom on a transatlantic flight — are priceless. We know this because Newton apparently offered $1,500 to swap seats and was still turned down.


That stunned smile from Newton as he heads back to his (cramped) seat is about as relatable as it gets. He’s accepted his fate. He’s stuck. It’s over.


Airplanes y'all, where people are in their weirdest state..


Maybe we all just need a refresher in airplane etiquette!

Ronnie And TKras

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