VIDEO: Worst First Pitch EVER Hits Cameraman

WATCH: A woman at the Chicago White Sox vs.Kansas City Royals game had the honor of throwing out the first pitch and WOW, did it get ugly. She misses the plate so bad to the left, it actually hits the camera man in the face off to the side... is it the worst in MLB history?

VIA TBL: The ceremonial first pitch is unique to baseball, a way to recognize fans, celebrities, and everyone in between. It can also occasionally go awry, seeing as not everyone is meant to throw a baseball well for a living. 50 Cent had one of the more extreme examples, throwing what can be argued is the worst first pitch of all time a few years ago. Now, we have another contender from Tuesday’s Royals-White Sox game.


Thank God the Cam guy was OK!

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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