REPORT: Browns Still Want Gerald McCoy From Bucs

Cleveland has been connected to Tampa Bay defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, as we got an update from the Canton Repository Friday...

Steve Doerschuk reported the Browns are still “quite interested”

“It is clear the Browns are interested in McCoy. It is clear they think they have a chance.
It is less clear what course they are following to get him, and whether they believe he could be secured as a free agent.” – Doerschuk, Canton Repository

VIA McCoy is owed $13 million next season, which is the key reason why Tampa Bay is looking at moving him, despite his production over the past several years. He is also seen as a leader of the Buccaneers locker room.

The Buccaneers are extremely tight on cap space and need to make a move to create space salary cap space. Moving McCoy and his $13 million cap hit would be the easiest way for the Buccaneers to acquire that cap space.

Although the Browns do have the cap space to absorb McCoy’s cap hit, they do not appear motivated to take the contract considering the likeliness McCoy is released by Tampa Bay. And if he is released, Doerschuk said the Browns believe they could sign him as a free agent to create a dynamic defensive front.

“The Browns remain in good salary-cap shape and can afford to pay McCoy reasonable market value. But they wouldn’t just be adding him. The thought would be to juice up the synergy of the entire group.
And they are thinking about it. Still.” – Doerschuk, Canton Repository

Tampa Bay may be looking to trade McCoy with a reworked contract, potentially creating more trade suitors and receive some type of compensation. However, Doerschuk reported that teams are not lining up to trade for McCoy and may be waiting until he is eventually a free agent.

If the Browns feel they could sign McCoy on the open market, it makes a lot of sense to not trade for the veteran, which appears to be their plan. Should they be able to acquire McCoy, the Browns could have one of the most lethal defensive lines in the NFL next season.


Ronnie & TKras reacted to the news of Gerald McCoy possibly being traded to Cleveland this morning...

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