Kentucky Derby Dash w/ Ronnie & TKras - Bofa, Bets, & Breathing Problems

Ronnie & TKras do the Kentucky Derby Dash, as they figure out the weird condition keeping favorite Omaha Beach from racing, relive the greatest race of all time in which Bofa Deez wins, & sift through the names of horses catching their eye to place down dummy money... the FUNNEST way to figure out the Kentucky Derby, folks, can't beat it!


ESPN Kentucky Derby Analyst Barry Abrams (Host of The Gate Podcast) stopped by to make some sense of the Clown Show, as Ronnie & TKras stop joking about horses for a few minutes and get some real advice on how to bet the horses Saturday... who is the smart money is on?


By the way, here's the original Bofa Deez Race video below...

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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