Oakland Fan Helps Tampa Bay Rays Player; Gets Instant Good Karma!

Not all baseball fields are created equal.. and the Trop isn't exactly a top rated ballparK.  It is covered though from rain or sun, so when the Rays landed in Oakland it's not crazy to think some players might have forgot their sunglasses.  So when it was shining in the first inning of Tuesday's Rays-A's game in Oakland, Carlos Gomez didn't have any way of covering his eyes. So, he did something that maybe only Carlos Gomez would ever dol: He asked a fan to borrow his sunglasses...


The fan involved in the exchange with Gomez, Matt Welch, talked to MLB.com about handing his sunglasses off to an opposing player:

"He needed glasses for the sun which gets bad here around game time and I  offered mine to him," Welch said. "He asked another fan if he could use  his, but they were normal sunglasses. Mine are more sporty ... so I  asked if he wanted to use them. He made two plays with them and gave  them back along with the ball he caught for the last out."

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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