Tampa Bay Lightning: IF They Win, Should Stamkos Hoist The Wales Trophy?

As the Tampa Bay Lightning finish up their series with the Washington Capitals, they only need one more win in two games to beat the Caps and head to the Finals.  The Vegas Golden Knight punched their ticket to a dance w/ Lord Stanley after beating the Jets in Winnipeg and promptly held up the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Western Conference Trophy following the victory.  This is typically a BIG no-no in the National Hockey League.  Sports superstitions are funny... one old one in the NHL, "it's bad luck for the Stanley Cup Finals if you win & lift the Conference Trophy" - do you buy it though?  If Steven Stamkos and the Bolts win, should Stammer hoist the Prince of Whales trophy?


Some fans were very against it...


Others pointed to the Penguins and Sidney Crosby hoisting the Prince of Whales Trophy during all three of his Stanley Cup Championship runs, successfully!


It didn't slow down the Golden Knights from lifting the Western Conference Trophy when they beat Winnipeg for a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on Sunday Night...

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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