Former Penn State Players Upset w/ Paterno Movie Depiction

VIA a statement signed by nearly 300 Penn State football lettermen,  including Franco Harris and Ki-Jana Carter...

“Sadly  — and wrongly — HBO’s ‘Paterno’ is not that movie. It has been  described by producer Barry Levinson as a work of fiction, which is  likely the only truth in the entire project. Incredibly, in making the  movie, Levinson and his team never consulted a single person who was  close to, worked with, or was coached by Joe Paterno. Not even family  members or us, who undoubtedly knew him best of all.

“As  a result, this uninformed depiction of Joe fails in every manner about  the man we knew and loved. Deviously using ‘fiction’ as his shield,  Levinson takes shameless liberties about the Sandusky scandal and Joe’s  knowledge of it that would certainly be proven libelous if Joe were  alive today.

“As  a coach, educator and philanthropist, Joe Paterno was a positive force  in our lives, molding us not only to win games, but to win in life. His  character, integrity, and moral compass will live on in us long after  the ill-gotten ratings of this reckless attempt at entertainment fades  away.”


The Paterno family has long argued that Joe did not have knowledge of Sandusky’s crimes.

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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