Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NFL Doesn't Care About Winston's Innocence

This Morning On Ronnie & TKras: The Buccaneers Brass (Joel Glazer, Dirk Koetter, & Jason Licht) all throw their support behind Jameis Winston's innocence as the NFL slowly questions it this offseason, the Bolts get a day off but Joe Smith doesn't as he stops in to convince us the sky isn't falling in Tampa Bay for the Lightning, and the Rays rev up for Opening Day... what did we learn in Spring training?  Plus, Dick Vitale joins us with his Final Four picks and we debut a new segment: What's Up Tampa Bay - to see what's trending locally.  You'll never guess what magazine Ronnie is hilariously subscribed too!

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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