ESPN Puts Out WORST Top-20 Sports List Ever!

ESPN is finding a way to kill some down time in a "slow" programming part of the year for the Network by creating a Top-20 List of the Best Athletes over the last 20 years!  I especially hate lists because they're a lazy way of creating content... but they do create some interesting debates.  Anyways, back to ESPN being out of their mind.  No Michael Phelps.. the MOST DECORATED US OLYMPIAN EVER! Brady is 17 spots below Peyton!? More mayhem and head scratchers in the full list below...

1-Tiger Woods

2-LeBron James

3-Peyton Manning

4-Jimmie Johnson

5-Roger Federer

6-Annika Sorenstam

7-Michael Shumacher

8-Floyd Mayweather


10-Usain Bolt

11-Lionel Messi

12-Serena Williams

13-Lauren Jackson

14-Cristiano Ronaldo

15-Novak Djokovic

16-Allyson Felix

17-Barry Bonds

18-Mike Trout

19-Manny Pacquiao

20-Tom Brady

On the bright side, they already created an article defending their ridiculous decisions...

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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