Tampa Bay Rays & MLB Show Support In Spring Training For Parkland, Florida

The Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, Boston Redsox, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Chicago Cubs are among the 30 MLB teams wearing Marjory Stoneman Douglas Eagles High School Hats today representing Major League Baseball's support for the victims in Parkland, Florida.

Parkland, of course, is where a former troubled student went on a shooting spree at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Eagles High School Wednesday, leaving 17 innocent kids and teachers dead while panicked students barricaded themselves inside classrooms and worried parents raced to the scene.

Below are some of the images from baseball locker rooms and games around Florida and Arizona Spring Training taking place today.


Where It All Started via Yahoo Sports: A good idea by the Miami Marlins is now taking off all around Major League Baseball. The Marlins announced Monday that they’d wear caps from Stoneman Douglas High School — the school where last week’s shooting in Parkland, Florida was  responsible for 17 deaths — in their Grapefruit League opener on Friday.


How It All Came Together via MLB.com: New Era, the Official On-Field Cap of Major League Baseball, produced more than 2,500 caps that will be worn by all players, managers,  coaches and umpires. Following the Spring Training games, Clubs may also have the caps signed and then auctioned to benefit funds related to assisting victims and families of the tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas on February 14th. Many Clubs will be donating  proceeds of the auction to the Broward Education Foundation, which  established the official Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund. More information can be found at browardedfoundation.org.


The Cubs 1st Baseman Anthony Rizzo is from Parkland, Florida and the tragedy is hitting him hardest perhaps when it comes to MLB player...


The Cubs bonded together in support of their teammate and friend...


Rizzo, a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, spoke at a vigil at Pine Trails Park amphitheater Thursday night.

“I studied in those classrooms, in all the buildings you saw on TV for all the wrong reasons,” he said, “I want you to know you’re not alone in this. The whole country is grieving with you”


Commissioner Rob Manfred, along with players and managers, discuss the Parkland tragedy and wearing hats in honor of the victims

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