Top 5 Worst NHL Fan Bases That Come To Tampa Bay

Today on Lightning Love with Morgan Lash:  After beating the Red Wings, Morgan shares the Top 5 Rowdiest Fans to deal with at Amalie Arena... check out the list below!

Number 5: The Detroit Red Wings who haven't beat the Lightning in 11 straight games, so suck on that Rock City!  


Number 4:  The New York Rangers who send all of their best players to the Bolts! Thanks for Cally and Girardi; we'll take Ryan McDonagh next please.


Number 3: The Philadelphia Flyers who haven't won the Stanley Cup since Abe Lincoln was President.  City of Brotherly Love? We're not sure they know what any of those words actually mean.  Plus, they Boo Santa in Philly, C'Mon GET OUTTA HERE!


Number 2: The Chicago Blackhawks who are currently in LAST PLACE.  They had a Dynasty but now they only have early tee-times on the golf course during the NHL Playoffs!


Number 1: The Pittsburgh Penguins who might have won back-to-back Stanley Cups but are now looking up at the Lightning in the East Standings! I think most of us feel the same way about that Crosby guy too...


So there's your LIST; #5 Red Wings, #4 Rangers, #3 fLYERS, #2 Blackhawks, & #1 Penguins!


More importantly , how about those Bolts baby!


Agree or Disagree with Morgan's List?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook! #GoBolts

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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