Twitter Explodes After Shaun White Drags USA Flag

VIA Yahoo Sports: After  winning the gold medal in the men’s halfpipe  with a dramatic  final-round score of 97.75, Shaun White did what most  Olympic athletes  do: He hugged people, he celebrated, he cried and was  then handed an  American flag. Unfortunately for White, the flag ended  up being the only  part of his performance that went negatively.

As   White passed the flag to his right hand, the hand that was clutching   his snowboard, the flag ended up on the ground being drug through the   snow while he walked off the hill.


A few viewers found this to be unacceptable:


On the other hand, there were several viewers out there willing to give  White a pass on this infraction, or at least willing to ignore his lack  of proper flag etiquette:


Here’s a guy who was both angry and happy:


And then there was the funny:


At a news conference later Wednesday evening, White said he didn’t know he had dropped the flag and apologized.

“Honestly,  if there was anything … I didn’t mean any disrespect,” White said. “The  flag that’s flying up on my house right now is definitely really high  up there. Sorry about that. I’m really proud to represent Team USA.”

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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