Super Bowl 52 Through The Eyes Of 620 WDAE's Guys

The guys here at 620 WDAE in Tampa Bay were live & loud before the Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots even started!


Of course once Kick-Off came around, we only amped up even more!


Poor Ronnie Lane couldn't live down a mistake he made earlier in the week w/ Alshon Jeffery's name...


Despite an early lead, our guys were hesitant to jump on the Philly train...


Perhaps the grumpiest DARE-personality during the Big Game was Pat Donovan... he wasn't pulling any punches haha


He did end it on a good note though...


Jay Recher doing some digging after Tom Brady goes FULL-WR!


And Zac Blobner was.. LIT, lol, tons of memes, gifs, & bad puns!


Alright, lets skip ahead!  Final reactions from the guys...


That was fun, hopefully it's the Bucs next season! Dilly Dilly!

Ronnie And TKras

Ronnie And TKras

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