8-Year-Old Science Genius Explains Eclipse

VIA BroBible: The total solar eclipse is just three sleeps away. It will travel across  America on Monday, scaring the piss out of wild animals when total  darkness happens in the middle of the day. People will experience  partial blindness, this is a guarantee. No matter how many times  scientists tell people to wear protective glasses to watch the solar eclipse some people will still say ‘fuck it’ and just stare at it, this is an absolute certainty.

To get ready for the solar eclipse, Jimmy Kimmel invited 8-year-old Romanieo Golphin, Jr onto Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and had the science expert dumb down the significance of  this eclipse in a way we can all understand. I’m not sure how I feel  about having science dumbed down for me by an 8-year-old, but I’m pretty  stoked to see that this tiny genius is out there in the world and well  on his way to becoming part of the next great generation of scientists.

Ron And Ian

Ron And Ian

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