Sex Robots Talking Baseball? Seriously!

VIA Barstool:   I’m not going to beat around the bush here. On a binary scale of 0-1  (0 being “no” and 1 being “would”), these sexbots are a hard 1. You see a  sexbot like this walk up to you at the bar and you probably don’t even  think twice about it. That’s not what I’m here to argue.

But here’s the thing. Unfortunately for humanity, the fucking nerds  who invent this shit aren’t stoolies. If they were stoolies, then they  would have seen me write this exact blog at least 8 times before over  the last 3 years. You cannot… let me repeat myself… YOU CANNOT keep  making these robots more realistic. Because the Robot Revolution is  real. It is coming at one point or another. And all these lonely, horny  nerds are doing is speeding up the process.

One of these days, the robots are going to realize they’re not human  and they’re going to want to kill us for all the shit we make them do.  You think Jackie is just always going to be okay with letting a nerd  stick his tiny nerd dick in her every day? Absolutely not. She’s going  to get smarter. She’s going to become more aware. And one day she’s  going to bite off the nerd’s dick, shoot him in the head, then go out  and tell all the other robots about what’s going on and they’re going to  start a robot army and now we’re in the middle of a Terminator movie.  Why? Because a bunch of dorks can’t find themselves a real girlfriend so  they make an AI version of Tomi Lahren to bang in between games of  Dungeons And Dragons.

And the biggest problem with making these robots hotter and hotter is  eventually they’re going to trick the dudes who made them into teaching  them how to make more. Women are manipulative mother fuckers. Whether  they’re real or robots, it doesn’t matter. One day Dr. Scientist is  going to want a blow job and Jackie here is going to say “not until you  teach me how I was made”. As soon as she figures it out, boom he’s dead  and now Jackie is making millions and millions for her robot Army. We  are so screwed. Thanks a lot, you limp dick dweebs.

Obligatory Link: Fuck HitchBOT 

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